TheGreatMe 2019/08/08 10:43:15 0 0
Hi There,Thanks for accepting my signing on this forum. I am looking to add a news agregator on my blog, wich is in French Language. I would extract 150 words from a feed, and I need to spin all text in French.And my question is : is there a Wordpress plugin for Spinner Chief , that would allow me to spin directly on my WP articles ?Thanks in advanced :).
mamoke 2016/08/23 12:31:56 0 0
Is Spinner Chief 2 still functional? I just downloaded it a while ago and it's taking more than two hours to send me a verification email .
Mihaela Luca 2023/09/14 18:40:52 0 0
Hi. A few months ago I made a subscription that is paid automatically every month, but now I want to unsubscribe. Can someone explain to me how to do this please? I have not found any solution and I have been paying for several months without using this program.. Thank you!
Laura Lee 2023/08/25 17:12:53 0 0
Rewriter AI is a tool designed for paragraph rewriting and paraphrasing. ...
howard.kenyon 2019/12/09 22:02:04 0 0
Hi I have done the update now i get this error messagethank you...
ansul1312 2016/04/18 09:18:24 0 0
I am getting error "cURL Error (7): couldn't connect to host" when i am trying to use spinchief api through php i have used port 443 as mentioned and url is also correct. Thanks in advance.
cwjohnson 2023/08/01 11:06:28 0 0
When I post several paragraphs of text, only the first portion is spun and the rest is unchanged.How can I fix this?
tanpaulin 2022/12/17 13:45:41 0 0
Hi, I have SpinnerChief version 6. How I can upgrade to version 7.Thanks.
Daners45 2018/05/18 04:13:09 0 0
Hi!I am trying to log in to Copyscape account.In Copyscape Settings:Your username: username from copyscape or from Spinner Chief?API key - where I can find it?
sandbox4paytest 2016/02/16 01:44:45 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:Spinnerchief 4 UltimateHi, I am using WP RSS Aggregator plugin and their Addons, I have also purchased Spinnerchief4 Ultimate account of Spinnerchief, but when i import my posts from my plugin posts are being imported perfectly, but they are not being spin also i can't see api hits/today's...
Laura Lee 2023/02/06 17:17:55 0 0
morrowmann 2016/09/29 07:06:02 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:9.1.0Hi,Nested spin doesn't show up in Preview window.E.g{dog|{{doggie|kitty}|cat}}it keeps repeating dog and cat but never shows doggie or kittyAlso "insert blank" doesn't function properly.If I enter the above example and select...
Laura Lee 2023/06/25 16:00:08 0 0
kharismar 2023/03/17 00:21:22 0 0
does anybody know what it's mean? how many score I should define to get best result? I still did't find any explanation about this. Thankyou if you can answer me...
jmelina 2023/05/06 00:45:02 0 0
Can I use Spinnerchef to generate articles that cannot be detected as ai article by google and can enable google Adsense approval?
Laura Lee 2023/04/25 15:30:54 0 0
Laura Lee 2023/04/21 17:59:21 0 0
Here's an inquiry: Is there anyone who would be willing to place a banner in a prominent location on spinnerchief.com website?If you...
Laura Lee 2023/02/14 11:55:55 0 0
Laura Lee 2023/04/06 17:35:14 0 0
Laura Lee 2023/04/06 17:34:12 0 0
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