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Problem with SC3 Ultimate Version!!

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Hi there,

Yesterday I have purchased Spinner Chief3 Ultimate version (One time payment). After getting licence key when started SC3 it is not working. I mean it can't spin any articles. Please check this screen shot url :prntscr.com/66nr5j . The spin articles just same as old articles.

I message several times to your support but still don't get any response. May be you are so busy, but in previous (before purchasing software) I got good enough response from you. May be you need to improve your support system! Also I have read a forum post about your slow support system.

Here I want to inform you that SC3 free version working good (prntscr.com/66nvho), even SC4 free version not working.

Please let me know what should I do now? I sent skype request and don't get approve from you. I am requesting you, please check it using "Teamviewer" and give me a good support. Hope I will get quick response from you.


2015/02/19 03:49:50
I can't see the picture, can you please post the picture directly here.
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2015/02/19 13:26:05

Please check :" prntscr.com/66nr5j "



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2015/02/19 20:27:32

The problem should be that you didn't select "AutoSpin" box when use the spin function.

Please see the super spin video in the start form in the software, then you will understand how does it work.

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