• BossPaasta
  • My topic Software always gets my acc...
  • i dont get whats the point of having this software if it doesnt work. v3 does not work;at all. No matter how many files i download into my documents. it does not work. it always has a gecko error. Secondly v2 always gets my accounts blocked no matter how much i change the settings, thread count and module count. your software is worthless. im tired of complaining; im tired of not getting any help. your software is trash. Im highly upset. You cant even like and follow 20 accounts without getting block, having to chnage your password 5 times. im sick of it. the whole whitehatbox is pointless. Stop scamming people. Software is horrible. Do not .. i repeat. do not respond to this thread unless you have real answers. Im tired of you fake techs. you don not help. give people the real instructions on how to work this stuff. i dont want to hear it works on your end. It doesn't work on mine. Its no way possible you can manage accounts with this software, WHEN IT DOESNT WORK. CANT EVEN LIKE 20 POST without getting blocked. smh
  • 2020-12-09 04:08
  • BossPaasta
  • My topic Proxy Use & Tasks Limit
  • after the proxies are bound (multiple proxies) Does the system automatically switch proxies? Also what inputs should be in the limits? How are the use to get a massive following? To follow 1,000 people a day?
  • 2020-11-14 05:20
  • BossPaasta
  • My topic Proxies Scraped Never List
  • ive been trying to get proxies for the last 48hrs. there are not listed and i dont have the proxy file that i see in every tutorial.
  • 2020-10-16 06:23