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RT_QQ 2016/05/15 10:01:50 1 0
HiProposal ( TweetAttacksProIII ) I hope that you take seriously the !Add a new property - and put Chirp to favorite Tton lieutenant settings option ( Tweet )And that property I have not found a program or script Twitter..Thank
RT_QQ 2015/05/26 16:30:42 1 0
I think the separation of TweetAttacksProIII work program into two parts..?Each program separately.Section I _ Accounts growth1.Tweet2.Follow3.FollowBakack4.Unfollow5.DireMessage6.ReplySection II _ Account Activity1.Tweet2.Retweet3.Favorite4.FollowBakackAnd that you have an...
RT_QQ 2015/05/27 14:57:45 0 0
I hope put option worth of jobs ( Retweet ) ( Favorirt ) will be a solution to allOptions such strange and incomprehensible jobs or find the answerfrom resolved, as well as explain when those jobs through thevideo did not mention how it works only name mentioned options.I had asked for resolve in many ways I did not find any mentionof the response by Musharraf to resolve that problem.Or ways of how...
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