How to Make Use of Blackhat SEO Quick Rank to Make Huge Profits

anthony jupiter | 2016-11-25 04:05:45

In today's era, SEO is a very common industry, but it has also been a mysterious industry, and as a seoer who has many years seo history, I know this industry has been well aware of its dark side, today, I popularize the gray areas of today's SEO industry:

Blackhat and Blackhat SEO, so that we know some of the other side of SEO unknown.

First, the blackhat SEO begin With the white hat SEO, black and whitehat. There is no critical difference point between them, as good and bad guys, there is do no standard judge. In my view, rapid rankings and rapid profits can be said to help regulate black hat SEO doctrine, It is not blackhat seo if it can not achieve rapid ranking technology, neither it can not quickly profiteering projects. But now many people know the black hat approach still stuck in a few years ago - keyword stacking, cloak method, hidden text and links, bridge pages, jump, etc., do not know blackhat seoers  are top SEO comprehend and innovators, Google is in progress, Black Hat is also with Google.

In order to chase the rapid ranking rapid profits, the current black hat off the common methods of spider hijacking, parasites, pan-station group, automatic sprocket, two directories. Top blackhat seoers, never do business to help SEO, have always been to help themselves, the real black hat technology, very profiteering is very profitable, will not help companies to do tens of thousands of dollars to optimize it, Those who engage in business station black hat, that little trick, not in the true sense known as the blackhat Seoers.