How to Write Good Articles for Google?

anthony jupiter | 2016-10-21 06:14:42

First, The title.

Title in 12 to 18 words, short title in 8 to 10 words. Note: The title is not complicated, fluent, do not appear typos, no punctuation, do not arbitrarily change the keyword, can only be based on the original basis of the keyword before and after the expansion. At the same time to bear in mind that the title of the article requires what is written on, do not answer questions, not the text. Of course, keyword background standards, you can not change. Eg: Keywords: "etiology of epilepsy" to expand "the cause of adult epilepsy."

Second, The keyword Tag

Key words put the background, without change.

Third, The Text Requirements

1, the article must be divided into the first tail, paragraph paragraph reasonable;
2, the middle must be fully consistent with the title of the subject, the terms of professional, clear semantics, to ensure readability;

3, refuse to use trash sentence, such as author recommended, author introduced,

4.the article must be divided into the first tail, paragraph paragraph reasonable;

5, the text can not appear in other hospital names, experts, outside the chain, the name of specific drugs, star privacy, negative content, may not appear such as the word "," and other words should not appear in the text, (Cure rate, recovery cycle, cure time, etc.), other site name, logo, links, etc .;

6, must be smooth / coherent / there is a very clear text, and accurate data (cure rate, recovery cycle, cure time, etc.); Strong readability / consistent with the content of key words;

Forth, Use article spinner

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