• stephane verlhac
  • My topic Telegram Channel aiostream ...
  • Hello everyone, I have set up a telegram discussion group with another user. We talk absolutely nothing about the problems we encounter, the solutions we have found, or even the royalties. If people are interested I leave you the link to join us.
  • 4-20 9:29
  • stephane verlhac
  • My topic Proxy private, data center,...
  • hello, I would like your opinion on choosing such oj such type of proxy. I use private proxies but for obvious budget reasons I am wondering if I will use data center proxies. what is window notice?
  • 2020-12-31 03:37
  • stephane verlhac
  • My topic exchange of service
  • hello everyone, i tell you that the aiostream community is great. I would like if the moderators agree, propose an exchange of service for those who wish it. the principle would be simple, I offer napster streams and in exchange I am looking for premium spotify streams. Pout certifies the streams we will exchange the logs of our software. Personally I would add one song per person in my playlist and the number of plays will be determined. Those who are interested contact me on my email [email protected] see you soon
  • 2020-12-23 02:04
  • stephane verlhac
  • My topic Impossible update
  • hello, i'm trying to update 2.6 but the installation bugged every time. This is really annoying. In addition to all this, the proxies that I use do not work with your software could do the necessary for you Quickly !!! my antivirus is disabled and I am using windows 10
  • 2020-10-27 04:18