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Hi, we make this thread as the suggestion thread. If you have any idea or suggestion, you can post here, we will add them into the software :)


Let's ROCK!
2013/09/19 07:05:09

Suggestion 1: Enable Super Spin After Sentence/Paragraph Level Spinning

have a suggestion and was wondering if it is possible to make it happen. My suggestion is enabling the super spin feature to work after I have spun on the paragraph or sentence level. It tries to do it now, but will only spin parts of my paragraphs.

It will spend some of them fully, but always seems to cut one are two in half, it seems.

So I end up in having to cut the paragraphs into their individual sentences (without the {}, the pipes (|||) seem to be fine), let the super spin function work and then add the curly brackets {} after it has finished. This would be ideal and would make Manual spinning tasks a whole lot easier for me and a lot of other people.

2013/09/19 07:05:50

Suggestion 2: Have A Button That Saves All Synonyms In Article At Once

After I have manually spun an article, I wish I could hit a button that would save all of my manually entered synonyms for the article. I write several articles for several different niches and it would really help if I could save all of those synonyms to a file withing spinnerchief, or a folder so I could use it again for another article in the niche.

Right now I just keep SC open and enable Super Replace function, so I can write as many articles on the niche/topic as I can while I have SC remembering what synonyms I have all ready used.

2013/09/19 07:06:16

Suggestion 3: Abort Button

SC needs an abort button. I try to spin many different ways and really want to "test drive" the software. When it tries to spin some things it will get stuck in an endless loop and I have to reboot it. I regularly save my progress with notepad, so I don't have to start all over. An ABORT BUTTON would eliminate these problems.

2013/09/19 07:34:54

Suggestion-Identify Synonym

I'm not sure if there is already a way to solve this function, so tell me if it's already implemented.

I love the identify synonyms function. I believe that is what makes an article unique in the eyes of copyscape. However, it is still tedious trying to manually spin those identified words.

I would suggest an automated function (similar to the SuperSpin function) to:

1. Select all the ID synonyms

2. SuperSpin/spin them.


1. Selects the specified ID synonym color

2. SuperSpin/spin them.

2013/09/19 07:56:06

Suggestion- Capitalize Words For Titles, Heading Etc.

Maybe there is a way to capitalize the first letter of each word if you're writing titles, headings, anything like that. The software replaces the first word and capitalizes it, but the other words it does not....

For example:

If my title was: A Brief Intro To Dog Training..... {A Brief|A very brief|A quick introduction to}

So, if this was a title, then capitalization would be needed.

2013/09/19 08:06:34

1 # WhiteHatBox 9/19/2013 12:58:27 AM

Hi, we make this thread as the suggestion thread. If you have any idea or suggestion, you can post here, we will add them into the software :)


If there is anything I can help with to get the suggestions implemented, let me know. I know a little coding, and I am willing to learn to help you guys out, a lot of work, I know.

2013/09/19 19:04:55

Thanks very much for these suggestion !!!! Working on them.

Please let's know if you got more idea :)

Let's ROCK!
2013/09/20 07:49:34

CTRL-F to find,

Many times, I need to find a certain word or symbol, etc...and would have to scroll aimlessly trying to find it.

This function will be great!

2013/09/20 21:18:47

How about adding a small description, during mouse hover, to some of the more advance tools so we would know what it's for and how to use it? Senuke, scrapebox, and other programs have it.

I think it would be very helpful with so many functions to use.

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