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Big problem with Seo Content Machine and X-spinner

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Hello guys!

I've got a problem since yesterday (before was excellent). I'm always spinning in SCM with x-spinner and was great. Now i've got something like this:

And in xspinner logs:

2018/06/07 11:06:17

Did it work in X-spinner please?

Did you edit some settings in your computer please? Or is the article spinning different from before please?

We never updated x-spinner. So i guess probably you edit some settings, so it does not work.

Waiting for your news.

2020/01/15 18:18:39

Hello, have the same problem.

This problem does not always appear, but is periodically annoying. My colleague also had this problem, so it's not about the computer. At first all works good, but when it comes to the spinn of the text, the program does not receive a response from the x-spinner, and sometimes the x-spinner even just hangs at this moment.


2020/01/16 14:19:52

Thanks for your reply, i have informed the programmer to check it, please wait for the news.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

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