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Pre-sales Questions on email scrape chief

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1) can I have it scrape emails based on a list of domain?

I want to paste in a large number of domains and have it export with domain name/email in csv, txt etc

Is there a limit of domains I can have it check? Where would this list be put--I have been trying to figure out with Demo.

2) How does it "check emails" - is this checking for validity/verification - which would check if it could be delivered? I'm wondering if this is the same as the atomic email verifier

3) Does scrape chief operate similar to scrapebox when scraping (following links/depth, etc) or does it have some special logic/footprints--like checking for contact page, etc



2017/03/10 14:12:22
Hi, one moment please, we will reply to you later.
2017/03/10 14:53:03

EmailScraperChief is to scrape emails from these domains you added, and it can visit any links of this domain page, and then go to scrape the emails. There is an option that you can add your domain to this program.
Check emails is to check current tasks scraped out emails, and you can export these results to the csv file.

We have no idea about the scrapebox, so we do not know the difference between these two programs.

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