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Invalid Serial Code after purchase?

ReplyThanks 2017/01/12 20:17:02 0 0

I just purchased the 3 day trial. The serial number given is invalid. I emailed them, no reply. Is it normal to have to file a refund with paypal because of being given invalid serial number? I'm not happy about paying for something i can't use, especially if i only get 3 days to try it, so far not impressed at all.

Wow, retract all that. Online chat was off when i posted this. I noticed it on and within 5 minutes they have fixed the issue for me. That's very fast and efficient customer service. Now very impressed with customer service side. Just trying the software now, so i'm not sure about that side of it but customer service was just amazing with me. Thanks a lot guys!

2017/01/12 21:50:53

Hi, very sorry for the inconvenience. The reply from the Support mail will be slower than the online chat. But you can post your question on the forum. Usually we will activate the serial number once we got the money. We will check what caused this serial number is invalid.

Also very thanks for your support, any problem for it, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day!!!

2018/05/07 05:21:28
same for me. But its not after purchased. after last software update . I have the problem. its also not working in forum.
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