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How to solve newcaptcha?

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I'm trying to solve captchas with botchief and I'm having trouble finding the right control. In other words, where exactly do I make the blue square select around the captchas that pop up?

I'm using the NewCaptcha Module (Operation you choose from the left side)

There are three different type of captchas (pictures attached) that keep popping up. Is it the same kind of selection/operation for them all?

Also, what options do I choose that's going to help solve the captcha correctly? The options are in the last two pictures.

Thanks for your help, time and consideration.

2016/09/06 21:41:26
Hello, please check this one to know how to use it: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=4129#.V89wDqL8aEE
Wish this will be helpful to you, also please use other sites to test it. Thanks
2016/09/09 23:54:49
I still cant seem to get it to work. Can you guys make a video on this? Mine is not working, and solving captchas is an important part of botting. Thanks for your time and consideration. :)

2023/01/06 09:57:20
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