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What words to start writing an essay with

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A common problem when writing an essay is choosing which words to start with. This happens to many people, regardless of the grademiners reviews. Choosing the beginning can take a long time, it confuses the writer and takes up a considerable amount of time.
To avoid this problem, use the following tips:
First, formulate the idea of the text, decide on the opinion and find suitable sources of information.
Try to apply the following writing technique: reflect on the topic of the essay in front of you, and your thoughts quickly and without observing spelling and punctuation, with abbreviations, write down on a draft. This will save you from searching for words to work with. After that, compose sentences according to all the rules.
Don't wait long for a thought for the introduction. You can start writing the main part of the paper, or you can write the essay in full, and pick up the introduction based on what you've written.
The thesis statement in an essay can be affirmative and questioning. The easiest way is to make the introduction a question paper. Ask a question, and give an answer later.

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