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Tidal Royalty Payment

ReplyThanks 2021/03/25 03:11:17 0 0
Has Anyone been paid from Tidal while using AIO? Just wondering if I should proceed with Tidal or go with Spotify free accounts to save me money.
2021/04/06 18:25:49

I wish this forum was easier to access and get notifications from tbh...

I have AIOSTREAM Tidal and Napster planning on getting Spotify and Soundcloud soon.

DM me on IG @twicetoasted with #AIOSTREAM to get added to a AIOSTREAM whatsapp groupchat.

I wanna know what settings people are running, statement screenshots for motivation & tips n tricks etc.


2021/04/21 04:31:29

Is anybody Els having problems with Spotify

Aiostream run time doesn’t run the full time

I set

Otis Jame
2022/10/05 09:34:05
The artists receive the money through a massive royalty fund based on the listening patterns of the subscribers. This is exactly what I am looking for
York Damon
2023/07/25 09:23:52
The quality and quantity of work produced in here is absolute informative.
2023/07/26 18:33:46
It's best to use streaming services like Tidal or Spotify within their terms of service and consider subscribing to a paid plan if you want to enjoy the full benefits and support the artists and the platforms legally. If you prefer not to pay for premium features, you can still use the free tiers and enjoy the music with the provided limitations.
2023/09/11 14:03:25

If you are an artist or a content creator looking to earn royalties from your music, it is recommended to distribute your music through legitimate channels and streaming services. Services like Spotify for Artists and Tidal for Artists provide tools and resources for musicians to upload and monetize their music in compliance with platform policies.

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