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Copy complete cookie data of a session

ReplyThanks 2016/05/18 16:05:16 0 0

I wanted to know whether this could be added?

What i mean to say is the current cookie manager option allows to get/set cookies only for a specific site, which becomes a trouble since we aren't able to see cookies of what all websites are stored in botchief the first place.

Basically what i wanted to do is just login in one instance, copy complete cookie data of all sites of it and set that cookie data in another instance so that it doesn't have to login again.

For example, If i make a multithreaded bot of facebook and twitter poster for a single account, on each thread I'll have to login into the account and then post which would take a lot of time.

It could be better if we could get the cookie data of all the sites and set it into another thread so it doesnt have to login again.

I hope you are getting what I am trying to say?

2016/05/18 23:01:12
You can use multiple Cookie managers to get/set cookies for your websites.
2016/05/19 09:18:06
I know I can use multiple.But the website I am using uses some kind of dynamic domain. There's no fixed site in which the cookies are shown. So I wanted either a way to view for which sites cookies are stored or better yet a way to copy cookies of all sites in a particular session
2016/05/20 06:00:21
We will check if it is possible for us to add such a function which can get/set all cookies. please wait. thanks
2016/05/21 00:47:53
Ok thanks :) I am still waiting for the SOCKS function though :/
2016/05/24 08:25:25
We have found that there is a method to get all the cookies, but there is no method to set all cookies one time! So, do you still want this function?
2016/05/26 13:42:35
Yeah that would work, but is there a way to view for what all sites the cookie data is stored? So that i can make a table loop and set each one of them. Because like i said the cookie data is stored in a variable site, so I need to view the website, That would be all.
2016/05/27 05:41:31
Thanks for your suggestion, we need to think that and then reply to you, thanks
2016/06/06 10:27:37
I support the proposal. Ability to save to disk and load from disk all the cookies it would be very cool.
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2016/06/07 05:58:31
Yes, we totally agree that, but we need to think that and then reply to you, thanks for your suggestion.
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