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Can i create a bot if i have no coding and programming knowledge? --Yes!

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Can i create a bot if i don't know any programming or coding?

Creating an app is the perfect way to start engaging with your website visitors and managing your social accounts. You don’t have to be a programming wizard or already know how to build an app to start creating.

There are plenty of resources and tools to help you, for example, Botchief, and it doesn’t mean handing over your entire project to a third-party app developer. You can still have a great amount of input to make sure the outcome is exactly what you hoped for.

How do i use Botchief to automate my browser tasks?

Botchief is a software that automate any online tasks. It is a good tool for both developers and non-developers, anyone can learn to use it with available tutorials.

A great many web actions that we run everyday can be automated with it, such as auto download and upload, auto sync information(spread sheet etc), auto submit articles

What makes this software special is that you can create a bot very fast and don’t need to know programming techniques. You can make any of your web browser operation into a bot, save your time and make your daily work easily done.

If you don't want to create bot by yourself, we also have the customized development service.

1. How to download PDF or any other files automatically?

Copy a page url, and set up one module that auto download.

2. You can also get developer verison, so you can design softwares and sell to others.

--Compile and sell

Keep a good judgement
2020/08/21 17:25:08
The link to Botchief: https://bit.ly/botchiefDaisy
Keep a good judgement
2023/07/09 05:09:40
Nice article
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