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Low quantity of Proxies...

ReplyThanks 2020/08/04 15:25:59 0 0

Hello, I have a problem finding a good quantity of proxies. The program found 2300, but if I put the filters (i.e. Italy and Statuts Available) it say that there are only 4 proxies! Is that possible? How can I have more working proxies?

Do you know other online services, above this one?

Laura Lee
2020/08/26 18:01:15
Hi. If your problem has been solved, please ignore my reply. If your problem has not been solved, please create a support ticket at http://support.whitehatbox.com/. Thanks.
2021/09/07 05:18:13
How long did it take for you to scrape 2300 proxies?
Higher Being
2021/11/29 12:48:12

Proxy which

2023/01/05 21:05:20
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