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Jo Glaser

wordpress plugin and Api ?

ReplyThanks 2020/01/17 01:59:43 0 0

i have a wordpress plugin that use spinrewriter api. Can i setup developer version that a api request of the plugin on the shared hosting of my provider works with the plugin? and how to do that?

thank you

2020/01/17 14:00:52
Start the x-spinner on the shared host and use the WordPress plugin to connect to the shared host's ip plus the corresponding port of x-spinner. Pay attention to the text content sent and write it according to the development document.
Jo Glaser
2020/01/22 00:17:32
ok...in case i want to run the wordpress spin plugin with wordai api and from my computer that have installed dev version? how to point the plugin to my computer and spin the content?
2020/01/22 17:30:40
If the user's WordPress and developer version are on the same computer, you can use the WordPress domain name or IP (or 1270.0.1) plus the developer version port number to form a link to the WordPress spin plugin address bar. This completes the plug-in pointing to his computer.
Jo Glaser
2020/01/22 19:13:11

but as i mentioned earlier. the wordpress is on a shared hosting provider ip which doesnt allow exe files to be run there.

what can i do to make the wordpress plugin work with dev version?

2020/02/03 16:21:10
You can get another windows server and install x-spinner to run Or use SpinnerChief api.
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