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How i can get automatically page 2 on google or bing if the link not exist on page 1 (Botchief editor)

Thank you
2019/11/25 17:27:03

Add a If command to judge if the link is existed in page1 first, if not, then add a Control Operate function to click this character to navigate next page.

2020/03/09 05:46:23

Hello the good people of Whitehat box,

I met this guys from Tecnopowt here on Whitehat box and through another link i saw they claim to be white hat box partners, when i visited their site i found a lot of whitehatbox softwares.

i wanted an instaram PVa accout creator, an Instagram APi bot and a Proxy server. They said that they have these software and when i made a payment of $310 to them, they stopped communicating via email, phone and whats app.

That is the only money i had and saved to start an Instagram marketing business.Its so painful. I need your help to get my money back and this guys blocked from this forum. I need people to be aware of the tecnopowt scammers so that you don't fall a victim like me. Their website is technopowt (dot) com

Their contact details WhatsApp/call - ????+91-9636087507????
Mail- [email protected]

Anyone from India here can also help me report to the Fraud Police there.

Whitehatbox needs to know that this guys are using their name to con people and its very bad for your name too.

To finish i would like to say,

Be aware of con and scammers people on this forums, don't purchase anything from a white hat box partner without getting confirmation from white hat box that that is a partner. Make use of safe payment methods.

Anyone who can help me get my money back, i will appreciate and give you a commission.



In search of Greatness
2020/03/11 16:04:40

Technopowt is not our partner.

If you have paid to technopowt but did not receive the software, please contact the payment bank immediately to see if you can recover the payment. In addition, if you need to purchase our software, it's recommend to contact us through support tickets for details.

2024/06/26 02:22:08
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